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Funnel Samurai

High Performing Digital Marketing campaigns need to be built on a solid foundation and executed in line with a strategic plan of attack.  Inside our FREE Funnel Samurai Plan, we are going to give you the methodology, tactics and technology tools you will need to dominate your niche.  Are you ready to seriously drive your growth?
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Rank Samurai

This subscription will build your SERPs rank fast and consistently. This is designed to increase the traffic your website is receiving, because more quality traffic means more leads

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Leads Samurai

It’s conversion time baby! Time to convert that traffic you’ve now got flowing into pre-qualified leads, and then nurture those beauties into hot leads. Time to get our Marketing Automation on…

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Sales Shogun

This is the no holds barred, big daddy plan. Inside you’ll find all of the other Samurai plans. You’ll get Funnel, Ranking, Lead Conversion & Lead Generation all rolled into one plan designed to knock your socks off!

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What some client’s have said:

“We brought Neil into a project to advise us on upgrading our website and build marketing funnels in ActiveCampaign. He was a right hand who helped to supervise the team and tune the messaging at every stage of the funnel. He’s super smart and also an overall great person to work with.”
Anna Runkle


“Neil is an absolute pleasure to work with, we brought him on with a very specific type of task and niche in mind and he understood what we were looking for immediately. His knowledge of SEO is extensive and he clearly keeps up with the latest algorithm updates and changes in the field.”
Edward Nguyen

Marketing Operations Manager, GradReady

“We hired Neil for his marketing strategy ability and martech know-how, to help us launch a new company. Were very pleased with the results. Highly recommended.”
Corey Singleton

CEO, Pay Per Sale Partners

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Our Completely Unique Process & Workflow.

The services we offer are available for cents on the dollar. We’re able to offer this because our plans are customized for your business from a standard, proven plan of attack. We’ve also created as much efficiency as possible in what we do. This cost efficient model trims away any “nice to haves”, like weekly catch up chats, and focuses on the most important things: results.

Our highest value to your business is if we’re doing what we do best. We’ve concentrated that into our plans.  If you want marketing services where you can pick up the phone to discuss your latest ideas, or if you want to have a marketing team you can micro-manage, where you have 20/20 visibility on everything they’re doing for you, Cloud Samurai is not that. 

Our model is different. We focus on deliverables we know have created results time and again in the past for us. If you’d like to read more about our company, please click the button below.